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Terms and Conditions Proposals


Over the next couple of days all employees will be receiving communication from the Council regarding proposed changes to Terms and Conditions.  There are a number of proposals that the Council your employer are putting forward for consultation.

Within this letter there are a number of consultation meetings scheduled which are on the 21st, 28th and 29th July 2015.  We urge all of our members to attend the briefing sessions which will last approximately for an hour and half, 45 minutes of which is allocated to the Unions.  We suggest that you use this time to put forward concerns, suggestions and any alternative proposals.  I can confirm that there will be a GMB representative in attendance at all of these sessions.  In addition to this we here at the GMB have an open door policy and if any of our members wish to come and speak to us please do so.  If you wish to contact us via telephone or wish to arrange a workplace visit please phone us on x 3701 or 07921491589 or 07794953976.

We understand that members may not have the time during the working week to contact us therefore we will be available every Saturday morning from 9am till 12pm via mobile phone.

Please remember your input is paramount.


Kind Regards

Michelle Dudson and Stacie Elson


Posted: 16th July 2015

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