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Getting involved in running your Local Government Pension Scheme

From April 2015 all of the 89 Local Government Pension Funds in England and Wales will be setting up Pension Boards to oversee the pension scheme and make sure it is being run correctly.  These boards will be made up of an equal number of employer and scheme member representatives.


This is an opportunity to play a fundamental and strategically important role in the LGPS.


You will not need to be a pensions expert, the core skills you need are those you already have.  As a representative you take your members issues and fight for them and make sure you are asking difficult questions of those with responsibility. GMB and the Pension Boards will provide any additional training requirements that you might need.


This is an important role as you will make sure that members of GMB and other scheme members have a voice on the board, a voice that will listen to their concerns and fight their corner.  You will be ensuring that the fund does the right thing and looks after the member’s pensions so that they can have a dignified retirement.  Your oversight is vital to keep all the schemes in good health.


If you are interested and wish to know more about becoming a member of your local board, please contact the pensions department –


Brian Strutton                                       Phil McEvoy

National Secretary – Public Services              GMB Pensions Officer


Join GMB at


Posted: 26th November 2014

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